Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Sailor

As you can see, the snow is still here, though it is going away very slowly. All of this bad weather and the fact that it's almost April are making me nostalgic for days of past summers. For the last four summers I've had the most amazing job working on boats, predominantly taking water and sediment samples. Since this is my last year of school I am not eligible to go back this summer for another student work term. Lately I've been feeling so nostalgic for those days - typically you work 4 hour shifts twice a day and have the rest of your time as free time. The times that you are working generally aren't even a straight 4 hours of work - typically you're traveling for at least 1-2 hours of your shift. The only catches are that there is no internet (generally), the TV can cut out from time to time (lack of signal) and you're away from home for weeks at a time. I don't miss being away from home, but I do really miss my carefree days on the ship, knitting in between sampling stations and reading on the deck, basking in the sun. Today's outfit is sort of a throwback to those days. While I would have never been able to get away with wearing something like this on the boat (too many older men, too few women, too much dirty work), I still really enjoy this dress and it does remind me of summers past.

Dress: Thrifted (from LiveJournal)
Tights: McGregor
Sweater: H&M


  1. That dress is so pretty. It is very nautical.

  2. It's hard to let go of the things you got to do when in the safety zone of school. I'm looking at a long string of my "lasts" in my undergrad this year and I don't know how I feel about it. Super bittersweet, I suppose. I'll keep my fingers crossed that something even better than the student work crosses your path. (:

    The outfit is a vision of loveliness, though. That dress seems like one of those jump-around-like-a-crazy-person finds. You wear it well!

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  3. I love the dress and the little white bowtie at the neckline. So cute! What a great find!

    love from SF,


  4. ah you have the best dresses! i adore this one, and i love the way it ties in the front! so so cute!

    <3 steffy
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  5. This dress is so lovely! I hope the snow melts there real soon!

  6. wow that dress is the cutest thing! I love anything nautical ish. And the bottom is so pretty =)

  7. thanks for the comment:) LOVE your dress!

  8. This dress is such a good thrifting find! I have been after a good sailor dress for a while. I used to have one when I was much younger and it was my favourite dress at the time!
    I hope you find a great job for this summer so you won't miss being on the boat!

  9. ohhhhh i LOVE the purple and blue here! very tastefully done!