Friday, March 11, 2011

Persistent Gray

It has been absolutely impossible to take pictures the last few days! It has been raining nonstop and unfortunately my apartment does not have great lighting, so inside pictures were out of the question. The rain finally let up somewhat today and I was able to get some outfit shots. This evening is the monthly art crawl in my city, where almost an entire street is open with some sort of exhibit or musical show. I'm going for the first time tonight! I get to share the experience with some lovely ladies from school who are so very excited to go, so it should be a very good time.

Dress: Local Asian Import Store (brand unknown)
Cardigan: H&M
Tights: McGregor
Boots: Canadian Tire (for $17!!)


  1. love that dress, and the cardigan looks great with it !

    <3 steffy

  2. Amazing outfit!

    LOVE minnja ♥

  3. Love the dress and the cardi combo!
    We have almost the same day or rather night - The night of open museums)

  4. perfect outfit, love it on you. that dress is gorgeous. perfect for spring. loving your blog, so happy i found it x

  5. love the sleek and simple style of the dress, which look amazing paired with those gray tights. perfect! -noel